Treatment of the Month - 3D Cryo Freeze - How does it work?

Ever wondered how 3D Lipo works?

Fat freezing (3D Cryo-Freeze) uses a cooling effect to prompt a reaction in the fat cells, known as Cryotherapy. A suction cup is placed on the skin, which freezes the fat to -7 degrees causing the cells to die.

The dead fat cells are then disposed of naturally through the body’s lymphatic system. Great. But what is that? It is the body's way of disposing of old cells and natural waste product.

This is how the inch loss is achieved by the 3D Cryo-Freeze treatment. The results are astonishing. See gallery below:

As with surgical liposuction, a healthy and balanced diet is recommended to maintain the inch loss. 3D Lipo serves as a more accessible, non-invasive solution for those who seek a more affordable and less invasive solution.

The ethos of Simply Silhouettes is based around treatments that actually do what they say. Proof is in the pudding (but not eating it!) - so why not give it a try? We offer a free no-obligation consultation with our specialists, click here to contact. You can also view our frequently asked questions about this treatment here.

For the whole of September we are offering Fat Freezing on one area for £50 (from £100) and £99 for 2 areas (from £150), plus a free result boosting shock wave treatment for the whole month!

Anita x

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