Managing COVID-19 in General Practice

As the world is consumed by news on the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to take this opportunity to learn about the virus and how we can further protect our valued clients. So, when the time comes, we can continue to provide the treatments you all love as safely as possible.

Simply Silhouette's now have an extended knowledge of how this complex virus works. The course undertaken explains the background of Coronavirus, and how it is affecting the UK - so the learning is specific to our environment and not general worldwide information. This allows us to adapt our surroundings to the way the virus is affecting us specifically through the implementation of safe working practices and how to respond if someone in our environment appears to be unwell.

The course covered the following elements:

  • Background of COVID-19

  • Current situation in the UK

  • When to suspect COVID-19 infection in primary care

  • Safe assessment of suspected cases

  • Infection prevention and control

  • Management of acutely unwell patients

  • Management of those with mild symptoms in home isolation

  • Consultation tips and advice on keeping your practice running safely

We are confident that when the time comes to reopen, we are able to help tackle this virus and keep everybody safe. We will, of course, begin to operate under the Government advice in due course.

Anita x

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