Hydro2 Facial

The Hydro2 Facial from 3D-Lipo is a revolutionary new facial treatment which is suitable for a wide variety of different skin types because of the seven ways it targets the skin. A combination of different treatments can be combined to achieve different results and your therapist can discuss this with you. The Hydro2 facial uses:

Hydro Peel

The Hydropeel treatment uses three solutions that help to cleanse and smooth the skin while hydrating and nourishing at the same time. This helps to reduce bad bacteria in the skin and helps with any inflammation.


This treatment uses a solution that is applied with a vibrating cleanser. The treatment, which contains a combination of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, is applied to the skin to induce a release of oxygen from an increase in red blood cells. This effect is known as the 'Bohr Effect' and helps to improve the cleanliness of the skin.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is used to produce new collagen in the skin by decreasing the space between the skin cells and increasing the density of the dermal layer, resulting in a skin tightening effect.


Electro-Ion increases the cell absorbency in the skin. This is used to help improve the products penetration into the skin and creates a slight muscle contraction to give a lifting effect, revitalising and waking up dull and lifeless skin.


Ultrasound technology is used to activate cell metabolism by stimulating blood flow. This triggers a micro massage into the skin allowing active ingredients to penetrate the skin barrier. 


Oxygenation is applied to the skin using an oxygen gun, increasing cell metabolism and providing an anti-bacterial effect while giving the skin an intense course of hydration. 

Fire and Ice

This process uses hot and cold temperatures to open and repair the skin, strengthening elasticity, while providing a deep clean. Using cold temperatures to close the pores, decrease surface blood supply and provide an instant brightening and tightening effect to the skin. 

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